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Home Automation

 While preparing for Masters I also got an opportunity to work as a Research Associate at an institute. This gave me practical exposure and hands on experience which enhanced my critical thinking.

Motivation and Idea - It was a real life incident which happened in my house. Since I stay in a village we had this power failure issues. One fine day there was a similar such power failure and I along with my parents had left for the day. I had turned ON the fan and had forgotten to turn it OFF. The next day when parents returned home they noticed that fan was running. This involved energy loss, unnecessary power usage and as a result increase in bill. Naturally got scolded.
It was that time I decided to explore about home automation. Home Automation System was a trending field where lot of research and innovation are active. After carefully researching about the existing systems none of them were suitable in solving this problem. This made me come up with an idea to track the appliances in real time and control the device from any part of the world. This proposed idea works even in case of power failure which is a frequent problem in villages.
A prototype was designed and tested and I am proud that this concept is the most cost efficient one where the prototype was designed in a cost of under 5000INR and the actual product could be designed within a cost of 6000INR for controlling 4 devices.

Abstract - In this era of advancement in technology, automating any manual task plays a very important role. That said, the home automation system popularly known as HAS is undergoing a lot of improvements from the time it was started till the present day. While the current technology of Home Automation System has the facility to control each and every appliance at home, there is no such technology or a facility that actually tells if a device is turned OFF or not. This project presents a new technology with the help of a GSM module to provide SMS acknowledgment when a particular appliance is turned ON/OFF.

NOTE: Since this is my hard research work from 6 months I have got this work copyright registered under my name and hence I will not be able to discuss more about this project freely. If you find this interesting and if you would like to contribute more then I request you please contact me so that we can take it further to the next step.

Thank you.