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My Core Research

 August 3rd, 2011, the day I got my first Android phone which was Samsung Galaxy Pop(GT-S5570). This made me develop an interest and bonding towards Samsung.

 I have been following news and articles related to Android smartphones. The real motivation for my research was the release of Samsung Galaxy S4 during mid May of 2013. Though S4 was a popular release, users started to dislike because of the bloatwares that came preloaded. Samsung has this unique UI style called Touchwiz(the latest UI style being named One UI) where Samsung concentrates more on customization by providing users the option of themes. But with the release of Galaxy S4 running Touchwiz Nature UX 2, Samsung had preloaded too many contents which had two main disadvantages:

  1. RAM consumption and
  2. Storage
Since they were preloaded, users were not given option to remove them. This made me think more on this issue as I had gained knowledge on Android System's architecture through Custom ROMs.

 For the next 3 years I analyzed smartphones of other popular OEMs. Just like how Samsung had Touchwiz, other manufacturers had their own UI design for their smartphone. It was then that I decided to make my research not Samsung specific. I observed original untouched firmwares of these devices and found out the root cause of the problem. With my Custom ROM knowledge I tried to solve the issue. After several attempts and tests I finally succeeded.

Result Analysis - For any smartphone, RAM and Storage are the two primary requirements which customers concentrate on. As a result of my research and analysis,

  1. For a device with 1GB of available internal storage I was able to get almost 1.2GB of space.
  2. For a device with 2.5GB of available internal storage I was able to achieve almost 2.9GB of space.
So, it was observed that there was almost a gain of 20% in the available internal storage. This considerable increase solves one of the most popular customer complaints of Low Internal Storage as well as a considerable increase in RAM availability.

 More knowledge on compilers, kernel, Linux and firmware was required to achieve my career goal of designing a custom Android OS. This was another reason for deciding to pursue my Masters in Computer Engineering.

 I would like to acknowledge my uncle for helping me and guiding me in getting this research work copyright registered under my name.

Current status of research - Android Nougat was the last version for which this research work was practically implemented. As for the release of Oreo and Pie, there were major changes in the architecture. As a result, the research work needs an upgrade.

 Though I have not got an opportunity to share this with any of the leading manufacturers I really hope my idea and concept will get a practical implementation and customers will be benefitted.

And this  is about my research.

 If you feel you could guide, help me or refer me to someone who could help then I would like to take this opportunity to request you to contact me.

Thank you.