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Path to Masters

 During my Engineering days, especially final year I never had the idea of pursuing Masters in my mind. There were two main reasons that made me decide to pursue my masters:

  1. No proper offers from good companies - There were not many good companies that I got an opportunity to attend. Hence, after graduating I was home for about a month as I did not want to accept Technical Support roles.
  2. Inspiration from one of my close friends - My close friend was on his way for his Masters. It was one long conversation with him on one fine day where I got to know my strengths, areas of interest and the advantages a Masters degree from US will give me to shape my career that inspired me a lot and made me proceed to prepare for Masters.

 I blindly proceeded without checking the pre-requirements(finances). Took all inputs from my friend. Started my research work on the courses and universities. Gave a mock GRE test. As the score was less I decided to get trained through classes.

 After finalizing my score of 306 in GRE and 90 in TOEFL I proceeded to the next step. Because of my prior research and project works my SOP was considerably strong and I also got strong Recommendations.

Following were my university list and status:

  1. University of North Carolina at Charlotte - MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering - Admit
  2. State University of New Yort at Binghamton - MS in Electrical Engineering - Admit
  3. California State University at Fullerton - MS in Electrical Engineering - Admit
  4. Southern Methodist University - MS in Electrical Engineering - Admit
  5. New Jersey Institute of Technology - MS in Computer Engineering - Admit - Scholarship of 4000$

 I had finalized one of the above universities and proceeded to prepare for visa by applying to student loan as the next step. During these time I was also attending lot of open fairs, university webinars and discussions.

 After having admits from all applied universities I thought of taking risk and wanted to apply to Arizona State University which would be very ambitious for my profile. I had even interacted with the graduate advisor of the university and also interated with a professor who was working in my field of interest. Finally I decided to take the big step and applied though I was very late. I had lost hope of getting an admit but during the last week of July I was given an admit. An admit for USA's top university for Research and Innovation. I could not beileve it.

 This was it. I could not proceed further at all. It was then that I understood my family's financial situation. I requested State Government and many other foundations but I got no help. I requested all the universities to defer my admits so that I could arrange the finance but to no luck. At this point I would really want to thank my relative who is my guide and mentor. He supported and helped me get out of my disappointment. From that point till today he has always been supportive and has guided me whenever I needed guidance.

After concluding that MS in US is not my cup of tea I decided to start my professional career.

Even till this day I am disappointed as I coud not pursue my Masters.

If you feel you can guide me and help me or you know contacts who can help then I would like to take this opportunity to request you to please contact me.

Thank you.