Get to know more about me, my works and my interests.

About me

 Greetings everyone.
 I'm Bharath. I am currently working as Associate Engineer at Harman India.

 During my school-college days, I used to hear many elders stating "Children are getting spoilt because of mobile", "Concentration towards studies is getting deviated because of mobile" and many such statements. It was that time when smartphones started emerging to the market. I feel these statements brought about a huge change in shaping my career.
This curiosity increased when I got my first Android phone and when I began to explore it.

 Engineering days were even more beautiful because of my professors who are still guiding and mentoring me. They helped me to do number of mini projects. I also got my first technical paper published. I was also introduced to Research as I became a student member of IEEE.

 Final year was more crutial in my career where I completed my 6 months research and got the idea and concept published in an International Journal.

 Because of my interest in Android and Embedded Systems research, I decided to pursue my Masters and started my preparation. It was during this phase that I got opportunity to work on projects to solve real life challenges. I got an opportunity to work as Research Associate at CIIRC. The knowledge I gained there helped me succeed in designing prototype in Home Automation, Irrigation and Smart City.

 Despite getting opportunities from few of the prestegious US universities I could not pursue my masters because of financial cricis. Hence I decided to start my professional career.

 Apart from my professional life I am also working on my research activities.
My career goal is to design an Android based OS. The initial research is complete, outcomes are positive and concept is copyright registered.

I have not got an opportunity to work in this field I am actively looking for an opportunity.

And this  is about me.

 If you feel you could guide, help me or refer me to someone who could help then I would like to take this opportunity to request you to contact me.

Thank you.