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 While preparing for Masters I also got an opportunity to work as a Research Associate at an institute. This gave me practical exposure and hands on experience which enhanced my critical thinking. After the success of Home Automation I got another similar idea to benefit farmers.

Motivation and Idea - It was a real life incident which happened in my farm. Since I stay in a village we had this power failure issues. The farmers were facing issues with respect to water supply. They had to manage the farm as well as go to the market to sell the crops. The water supply was not provided at a fixed time every day. When the water was available he could not go to the market. The farmer's presence in farm was mandatory. This made me think of a solution to tackle this problem and come up with a solution. I explored the existing Irrigation Automation Systems but again, none of the existing systems provided a solution when there is an unexpected power failure.
This made me come up with an idea to track status of water supply along with other factors in real time and control the crops from any part of the world. This proposed idea works even in case of power failure which is a frequent problem in villages.
A prototype was designed and tested and I am proud that this concept is the most cost efficient one where the prototype was designed in a cost of under 3000INR when a single motor is used and the actual product could be designed within a cost of 5000INR for controlling a single motor.

Abstract - In this era of advanced technology, the field of agriculture and farming requires the application of the latest technology to make the life of farmers much simpler. The primary purpose of automating the irrigation setup is to enable remote control and monitoring of the status of the setup even when farmer is away from the location.
This project proposes a new system with the use of advanced sensors and a GSM module to provide SMS acknowledgment whenever there is any critical action that is initiated during the process. This includes water being pumped in excess to a crop, there is too much of sunlight for a sustained period and many other critical situations. The farmer can then take necessary action when available.

NOTE: Since this is my hard research work from 4 months I have got this work copyright registered under my name and hence I will not be able to discuss more about this project freely. If you find this interesting and if you would like to contribute more then I request you please contact me so that we can take it further to the next step.

Thank you.