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Mini Projects

 Being a science and electronics student I was very interested in projects and experiments. Few interesting projects that were implemented are:

  1. Robot controller - A robot was built with Intel's 8051 as the microcontroller, motors and a HC-06 Bluetooth Transceiver. An Android application was designed to control the robot's movement with the help of Bluetooth as the serial communication medium. I took the responsibility of Android application design and programming the microcontroller.
  2. Autonomous Kitchen Safety - A system that was designed with ATMEGA 328 as the microcontroller along with MQ5 as the gas sensor and other components. The primary purpose was to detect the LPG gas leakage in a kitchen and to take necessary steps like opening the window, disconnecting all electrical appliances and take all necessary precautions. I took the responsibility of programming the entire system.
    Received great response from audience as it was exhibited in Bengaluru Mini Maker Faire-2016 by Workbench Projects and also at NASCCOM's Product Conclave 2016- Tech Makers @ Play.
  3. Android Application for basic Home Automation - An application was built in order to control the electrical appliances at home like the lights and fans. This again used Bluetooth as the serial communication medium.
  4. GSM Based Motor Control - A system was designed with Intel's 8051 as the microcontroller and SIM900A GSM module to control the motor. This was done with the help of AT Commands.

 All these projects that were executed during my Engineering days gave me the courage and knowledge to execute the three major projects related to Home Automation, Irrigation and Smart City.

 I would like to thank my team members and my faculties for their help and support.

 A brief about the projects were discussed here. To know more please contact me.

Thank you.