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Road to Android

 It all began on August 3rd, 2011 when I got my Samsung Galaxy Pop running Android Froyo. First smartphone and yes, a sentimental one.

With a group of tech enthusiastic friends during my 11th and 12th, I was introduced to the world of Custom ROMs. Android being an Open Source Operating System had a lot of scope for customization and these were not supported by any of the OEMs.

Soon I experimented with different Custom ROMs for my device. This made me think of designing my own version of a ROM. So I initially started with modification of existing ROM. I gained a lot of community support and got introduced to new friends.

I failed many times as the phone faced bootloops, crashes and many other problems. I learnt reading logcat to understand the problem and fixed the problems. The moment when I successfully installed my first modified Custom ROM is a very special and a memorable one. Through this I learnt lots about the internal architecture of Android's system partition. The primary ones among them are:

  • system/app - where all the system applications are stored.
  • system/framework - where the core system or the framework is present along with libraries.
  • system/media - where all media related files are stored.
  • system/etc - where all the configuration files are stored.

With this knowledge I started learning basics of Linux. After gaining confidence I decided to cook my first ROM from scratch. This laid the foundation for my current ongoing research activity.

This was simultaneously carried out along with Android application design where I used Eclipse IDE along with ADT plugin. My Computer faculty helped me a lot during my initial days. I designed my first Android Application involving Bluetooth interface as the mode of Serial Communication.

Later I went on to use Media APIs to design an application for searching and sorting songs stored on device's internal storage.

Recently I learnt using Google's maps API, firebase and push notification API to design an application. Its basic function is to allow users to save a location as favorite and give a notification whenever user is nearby that location.

I  have practical knowledge on  the following concepts in Android:

  • Android framework architecture
  • Bluetooth communication
  •  Work with media files using MediaMetadataRetriever API
  • Google Play Services's Maps and Places API
  • Simple and Push notification using Firebase API and NotificationContext class.

Currently I am learning new concepts and trying to become strong on them.

And this was my road towards Android development.

This would not have been my career path without my first Android Phone and the guidance from my faculty.

If you feel you can guide me and help me or you know contacts who can help then I would like to take this opportunity to request you to please contact me.

Thank you.