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Smart City

 After I got decent appreciation for both Home Automation and Irrigation project I got another idea for which the street lights in my village was my motivation.

Motivation and Idea - Since I stay in a village where each street has around 4-5 lights. The control for all these lights was at a single point and this was monitored by a dedicated person. Though the concept of street light automation already exists they had a drawback when it comes to a defect in the lights.
I thought the existing systems required an upgrade and I started working on this concept. Finally I came up with an idea which enabled the local authorities to track the status of all street lights in real time and also control the status of these lights. In case of power failure the proposed system waits for the power to come back and will resume operation which is a unique methodology introduced. Unfortunately
I had to stop this project with just the implementation of a prototype(by using LEDs instead of street lamps) as I did not get the required support.

There was a very proud incident that happened during last week of May 2019 when the results for Google Science Fair were declared. A 15 year old Indian had topped the regionals for his work on Street Light Automation. This work was similar to the work that I had proposed. This news made me both happy and unhappy.
Happy because a fellow Indian got recognition and also that this work is recognisable.
Unhappy because my hard research work did not get any recognition and instead somebody else got.

Abstract - In this era of advancing technology, street lights are the most commonly needed requirement mainly for a common man to commute. Street lights provide safety while a person is walking on the road. While they help a person to safely reach the destination the lights will be ON without any use when there are nobody walking and can be turned OFF in a smart way when there are nobody using it. This can be done with the help of advanced sensors to effectively determine if the light should be ON or not. This project discusses an efficient and cost-effective way to detect any unusual or strange behavior and an acknowledgment will be sent to the governing body to take the required action.

NOTE: Since this is my hard research work from 4 months I have got this work copyright registered under my name and hence I will not be able to discuss more about this project freely. If you find this interesting and if you would like to contribute more then I request you please contact me so that we can take it further to the next step.

Thank you.